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Sports Vision

Sports Vision Therapy Enhances Athletic Performance  

When it comes to success on the playing field, in many sports, athletic performance hinges on an athlete’s hand eye coordination, eye tracking, and depth perception. Sports vision therapy is a progressive program of vision exercises that enhance fundamental vision skills and abilities critical to athletic performance. If you are a local athlete looking to improve your performance, sports vision therapy from Barot Opticians may be able to make a significant difference.

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination & Depth Perception

The first step for sports vision therapy is an assessment of your current visual capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Our vision therapy team will conduct vision tests that are specific for athletic performance, including identifying visual acuity, refractive errors, and contrast sensitivity. Refractive errors, for example, occur when different sized and shaped abnormalities affect the eye’s ability to focus light on the retina, affecting vision. Low-contrast sensitivity, especially in low-light condition, can affect an athlete’s ability to track an object, like a baseball or football that is flying through the air. Finally, we will also conduct ocular alignment and eye dominance tests to determine how well both eyes work together. While it is not unusual for one eye to be slightly dominant over another, if there is a significant dominance issue, it can be difficult for the eyes to work together to manage depth perception and visual coordination.

Once our vision team has finished conducted these visual assessment tests, we will use the findings to create a personalized vision therapy program. Vision therapy uses visual skill enhancements to address vision issues like depth perception and visual coordination. These visual skill enhancements include but are not limited to improving the visual comfort, ease and efficiency with which an athlete manages hand eye coordination, eye tracking and depth perception.

Unlike other forms of exercise, the goal of vision therapy is not to strengthen the eye muscles. Instead, under the supervision of optometric vision professionals, vision therapy can change how you process or interpret visual information. A more efficient system for visual information processing and interpretation can directly translate to improve visual efficiency, which is critical for successful athletic performance.

At Barot Opticians, we believe that an athlete’s skills are not only improved in the gym, but also through enhanced visual processing and hand-eye coordination. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of sports vision therapy.

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